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18th September 2014

We are proud to announce the launch of our latest business title: Don't Just Manage–Coach! by the world class corporate consultant, Ben Morton.

Packed with advice, support, and tools for manager-coaches, this interactive VAEO offers access to online downloads and audio resources.

For much more information on this new title visit the DEDICATED DJMC PAGE.

September 2014

Welcome to the new look mPowr Publishing site. Here you can explore our print and audio titles, embark on an mPowr Transmedia Experience, submit your own manuscript to us, and discover our range of writer's coaching programmes.



We are currently accepting submissions from new authors and authors who have out-of-print titles and own full publishing rights. We are also looking to collaborate with authors who have proposals for Transmedia titles and training packages.

If you are a photographer or artist with an exciting project, please do tell us about your ideas, using our submissions process.

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